Praise for RELENTLESS . . .

RELENTLESS will take readers on a rollercoaster ride and keep you guessing on several fronts. Highly recommended and a fantastic read!”

—Monica Solomon
The Romance Readers Connection, 4½ Stars

RELENTLESS—This is a fast-moving story of right against might, with engaging characters that quickly pull the reader into an exciting roller coaster ride of twists and turns guaranteed to leave you breathless and guessing right up to the very end.”

—Cheryl Caldwell, Co-Publisher
Honest Horses Magazine

“Lovers of horses, mystery, and romance rolled into one intriguing package will want to place RELENTLESS at the top of their must-read list for 2012! O’Dwyer’s vivid writing hooks the reader in for the ride, but beyond that illuminates the urgent issues surrounding wild horses, slaughter, and horse rescue. This book is a many-sided gem you won’t want to miss!”

—Carol Upton, Co-Founder
Sunshine Coast School of Writing

RELENTLESS is a truly well-crafted, well-written story. I look forward to seeing it in print one day in the near future. P. J. O’Dwyer is a gifted author.”

—Joanna Waggoner
Washington Romance Writers 2011 Marlene Awards

RELENTLESS vibrates with emotion and conflict and intensity. I couldn’t get enough! P. J. O’Dwyer’s got talent, in spades.”

—Frieda Knizek
Washington Romance Writers 2011 Marlene Awards

“O’Dwyer is a master at putting emotion to paper and making it convincing. RELENTLESS is high intensity at its best. It gives the heart a workout in every possible way—suspense that has it pounding nonstop, romance that has it thumping, and frustration, anger, and deep sorrow that holds it clenched in a vise. I could not put it down!”

—Cindy Taylor
All Book Reviews

RELENTLESS is an enthralling read, with twists and turns that keep you in suspense. O’Dwyer has crafted a wonderful story that takes you from the countryside of Maryland to the drug wars of Mexico, all because of the love of the horse. Her research for her subject matter is exceptional in this wonderful tale.” 

—Alex Brown
Author of Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy

“P. J. O’Dwyer’s RELENTLESS is a perfect mix of romance and mystery. It was fast paced enough that I didn’t want to put it down! Her knowledge of horses, horse rescues, and the horse slaughterhouse controversy was impressive and eye opening. The images she imparts of the slaughterhouse in Mexico will stay with me a very long time. It was a wonderful read, I will recommend it highly!” 

—Monika Orendorf, President and Founder
Dusty Trails Horse Rescue
State of Alabama

 “An absorbing tale of murder, romance, and horses . . . O’Dwyer creatively expresses the redemptive powers of love and one woman’s devotion to saving ill-fated horses. This gripping novel unfolds in surprising ways, and its twists and turns will have readers on the edge of their seats until the very end. This entertaining story provides satisfaction for mystery devotees, romance readers, and horse lovers all in one well-written book.”

—Mimi Peabody, Secretary
Alaska Equine Rescue
State of Alaska

RELENTLESS is an absolutely spellbinding novel that is a must-read for all who know and love horses, and who enjoy a captivating mystery. This novel gives an inside look at the struggles of Bren Ryan, who has lived her life with equines and has an intimate knowledge of sale barns and auctions. Adding business rivalry, murder, and a stranger in town, and you have an enticing read with a true education about the inhumanity of slaughter and the heartlessness of those who make money from sending horses to a horrendous demise.”

—Susan N. Thompson, Founder and CEO
Dreamchaser Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc.
State of Arizona

“P. J. O’Dwyer brings to life that perfect combination of horses and romance while eloquently addressing important issues facing the equestrian community. Anyone who loves horses will be able to relate to the protagonist, Bren, who dedicates her life, and her heart, to rescue work. Add in the intrigue of a mysterious murder and this book will keep you turning the pages.”

—Melanie Sue Bowles, Founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary,
and author of three nonfiction books dedicated to rescue work, including:
Hoof Prints: Stories from Proud Spirit
State of Arkansas

“Suspenseful! RELENTLESS is a dirty little indulgence that will get your heart pumping—a great mix of awareness and entertainment.”

—Sue Smith, Executive Director/CANTER Pennsylvania
CANTER USA, Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses

“Thanks to Ms. O’Dwyer for having a horse rescue advocate as her heroine in RELENTLESS. In 2007 the Unwanted Horse Coalition estimated that there were approximately 170,000 unwanted horses in the United States. Building awareness of this issue is so important for those of us working for the horses. Thanks so much for making it an enjoyable read as well!”

—Judy B. Smetana, Ph.D., Executive Director
Colorado Horse Rescue
State of Colorado

RELENTLESS is a fast-paced murder mystery, romance, with realistic, and sometimes brutal, horse rescue thrown in. The who-done-it will keep you guessing ’til the end.”

—Patty Wahlers, President
H.O.R.S.E. of CT, Inc.
State of Connecticut

RELENTLESS—a true page-turner that you didn’t want to end”

—Robin Weinkam, Treasurer
Changing Fates Equine Rescue of Delaware, Inc.
State of Delaware

“Your success with RELENTLESS is imminent. It was a wonderful tale about the struggles one encounters when defending right and decency against what always seems to be the powerful forces of the antithesis of all that is good. I was enthralled, and I look forward to future novels that will no doubt evolve from your creative mind. Thank you for the opportunity to preview this moving novel.”

—Tony Mangan, President
Panhandle Equine Rescue, Inc.
State of Idaho

RELENTLESS is a page burner of a murder mystery with an unlikely heroine, staged in a quiet little piece of animal welfare that is very near and dear to my heart. Bren is a strong-willed, feisty redhead whose #1 life passion is saving, rescuing, and rehoming horses in need, until the day her husband is murdered.

“Even with her heart, her mind, and her time largely consumed with finding Tom’s murderer, Bren continues with their life’s work of Grace Equine Sanctuary . . . and that mixture of unending dedication leads to a ‘never saw that coming’ finish you won’t want to miss.

“While clearly a fictional tale, O’Dwyer’s depiction of certain elements of the underbelly of the equine world is accurate and eye opening to those horse lovers who may have little or no idea of the dark realities.”

—AnnMarie Cross, Founder
Crosswinds Equine Rescue, Inc.
State of Illinois

“Absolutely riveting! P. J. O’Dwyer has written a suspenseful masterpiece that draws you into the plot, making you feel as if you are there, feeling the love, hate, and pain along with the characters. A very satisfying indulgence indeed!”

—Stephanie M. Bowser
Friends of Ferdinand, Inc.–Indiana
State of Indiana 

“Bren has the heart of momma bear. Nothing will keep her from protecting the rescued horses and the people she loves. Hang on . . . it’s a wild ride.”

—Karen Everhart, Founder
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc.
State of Kansas

RELENTLESS is a wonderful depiction of the emotional, high-energy life of a woman named Bren and her commitment to saving horses. O’Dwyer shows the human side and communicates the very fast-paced, hectic nature of what we do, which is horse rescue.”

—Sunny Francois, Executive Director
Louisiana Horse Rescue Association
State of Louisiana

“I commend you for finding an entertaining way to bring this ever important issue to the masses in a way that will teach those who would otherwise have no interest or knowledge.”

—Christine Hajek, President and Founder
Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue
State of Maryland

“I haven’t read a novel for 30 years. But after a few chapters, I was forgetting it wasn’t real! Even I wanted to do some serious damage to this kill buyer. You won’t want to put RELENTLESS down!

“P. J. O’Dwyer has done something by writing this book that I couldn’t do in a million years. She has alerted a whole new audience to the horrors of horse slaughter.”

—Lorraine Truitt, Founder
Horse Lovers United
State of Maryland

“I loved Bren and Rafe and their story. Bren reminds me of many of my hardworking, hardheaded, horse-loving friends. I really couldn’t walk away from the story for long, it was that engaging. Well done, Ms. O’Dwyer, this was a fantastic read. I look forward to the other books in your series about the Fallon girls.”

—Charish Campbell
Owner/FEI Rider/Trainer/Holistic Equine Therapist
Chesapeake Sporthorse Hundred Acre Wood
Maryland’s Eastern Shore

“So . . . finally I have met a horsewoman with more excitement in her life than mine, LOL! Just finished reading . . . quite the twisting story. God bless you for speaking for so many lost souls.

“Totally amazed that you were able to put that all together. Horses, kids, dogs, love, money, greed . . . story has it all! I wish I had a drop of your skill, sigh.”

—Mary Jones, President and Founder
RIDE-Minnesota, a horse rescue
State of Minnesota

RELENTLESS has a little bit of everything: a mystery, family, love, and loss. Although a book of fiction, the story depicts the real heartbreak and rewards of today’s horse rescue. And is an accurate account of what these beautiful creatures have to endure from the dark side of humanity.

“You can’t help but want the best for the main character, Bren, and her family. I loved the book and could see RELENTLESS as a movie.”

—Rhonda L. Stephens, Founder and President
The Shannon Foundation
State of Missouri

RELENTLESS—the title of the book is the best description of its heroine. Every chapter, every page, is packed with the determination and energy of a woman who could lose everything by pursuing her quest for justice. The twists and surprises are ‘relentless’! Couldn’t wait to get to the end to find some relief from the excitement! Thank you, P. J. O’Dwyer!”

—Virginia Hudson, Board Member
Western Montana Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation
State of Montana

“I thoroughly enjoyed RELENTLESS. The story stayed with me when I put the book down. There were several elements that made RELENTLESS a fabulous read. First, it’s a love story focused on the horse world. As a horse lover, any novel involving horses catches my attention. As a horse rescue operator, having Bren, the heroine, involved with rescue and fighting the dirty secret—horse slaughter—well, that’s an important subject too often swept under the rug.

“P. J. O’Dwyer tackles the horror and heartache of slaughter, hopefully bringing attention to a cruelty that needs to be stopped. Finally, as an avid reader, I found RELENTLESS to be well-written with surprising twists and turns. The action kept me riveted and surprised. I’m truly looking forward to the rest of the Fallon Sisters Trilogy.”

—Lisa M. Post, President and Co-Founder
Helping Hands Equine Rescue
State of New Jersey

“Any book that reminds us of those people involved with horse rescuing is helpful and valuable. Thank you, P. J. O’Dwyer, for writing a book which does that in such a captivating way. This book is a real thriller—mystery fans and horse lovers will enjoy it greatly.”

—Erin Pfister, Rescue Coordinator
Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue
State of New York

RELENTLESS . . . a suspenseful novel that tangles romance with the very controversial and emotionally charged subject of horse slaughter. A truly accurate depiction of where America’s horses can end up. Two thumbs up for showing the dedication of those who spend their lives rescuing one of the oldest American icons . . . the horse.”

—Monica Coville
Equine Rescue League of Cooperstown
State of New York

“I was enthralled by RELENTLESS, waiting with hungry anticipation with the turning of each page. RELENTLESS is appealing for every audience from romance, mystery, and drama to animal and horse enthusiasts. RELENTLESS is a must-read novel!”

—Alison Smith, Director/Founder
Triple H Miniature Horse
State of North Dakota

“As the title suggests, Bren Ryan is much like that one stubborn friend we all have. She can be frustrating and challenging but her intentions are good. Once I connected with her passion for horses, I wanted her to succeed, in spite of herself. 

“If you’re looking for an escape from your day-to-day routine and have a heart for horses, then RELENTLESS just might be the trail you want to head down.”

—Jeannette “Jet” Parrett
NW Horse Forum

“I love to read, and RELENTLESS is everything and more that I enjoy in a book. I lost my husband tragically and suddenly three years ago, I have a farm, children, and a horse rescue. I could relate to Bren and that made your story that much more interesting and exciting to me. It is impressive how you focused upon, so decisively, the important, everyday issues that all horse rescues experience . . . hard work, financial worries, heartache, and the most hated of all, horse slaughter and their needless pain and suffering. And then to blend this so successfully in an exhilarating romance and jaw-dropping mystery. Wow!

“I found your book to be one of the best I have ever read.”

—Mary Jones, President and Founder
W.I.N.N.Y. Horse Rescue
State of Ohio

What an interesting book. I found it hard to put RELENTLESS down. Thanks for putting the issues out there in a new way for those who want to learn as well as wrap themselves in a good read!”

—Cheri White Owl, ES, CRSS and President and Founder
Horse Feathers Equine Rescue, Inc.
State of Oklahoma

“Thank you to P. J. O’Dwyer for her realistic and compassionate portrayal of the underbelly of the horse trade. Speaking for all relentless horse advocates, Bren’s tireless efforts on behalf of equines is a realistic depiction of the challenges faced in caring for these magnificent and sensitive creatures. Romance, mystery, and horses make this a compelling, informative, and completely enjoyable read . . . I truly loved this book!”

—Joan Steelhammer, President/Founder
Equine Outreach Inc.
State of Oregon

“The author of RELENTLESS captures the struggles and sheer determination of Bren, a woman and single mother running a Maryland horse rescue who is also tormented by the unethical antics and behavior of a horse dealer. This book tells the story of loss, grief, pain, romance, and the iron will of woman who will not give up even though the odds are against her. Bren, true to her children, horses, and beliefs, will stop at nothing to protect them and to find the truth. You will be compelled to keep reading as Bren’s journey takes many twists and turns along the way and has an ending you will not expect. 

“A good read for horse lovers and non-horse lovers alike.”

—Marlene Murray, President
—Patricia Bewley, Vice President
R.A.C.E. Fund, Inc.
Retirement Assistance and Care for Equines

“P. J. O’Dwyer weaves a riveting tale that kept this real-life horse rescuer reading till way past midnight. I highly recommend RELENTLESS for anyone with even the slightest interest in horses or suspense novels. Ms. O’Dwyer has successfully blended the two into one fantastic read!”

—Jo Deibel, Founder and President
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
State of Pennsylvania

“This saga of the plight of the modern-day horse, combined with the twists and turns of exciting characters, keeps the reader’s interest for an all-night read.

“The reality of the horror of horse slaughter and insurance fraud in the racing world is brought out in the story, making the book a thrilling page-turner.

“RELENTLESS is a modern-day romance, showing the hardships of horse rescues and the personal tragedy of the loss of a loved one, making this a must-read by all horse lovers.

Sign us up for the first copies!”

—Susan Watt, Program Director
—Elaine Everheart, Volunteer
Black Horse Wild Sanctuary
State of South Dakota

RELENTLESS is a skillful mix of romance and suspense. O’Dwyer spins a believable tale where no one is what they seem.”

—Elizabeth Wood, President
South Carolina Awareness and Rescue for Equines
State of South Carolina

“Kudos for writing RELENTLESS—a story about America’s horses and the reality of what happens to them when they go to slaughter. So many are sent there every day to die a horrible death. It is wonderful to see a book come out that touches on this issue.”

—Brenna Wright, Board Member
Spring Hill Horse Rescue
State of Vermont

“I couldn’t put it down! RELENTLESS was one of those books that kept me on the edge of my chair through the entire book. It is a realistic look into the plight of thousands of horses, the auctions, the kill buyers, and running a horse rescue woven into a suspenseful romance that will keep you turning the pages into the night and an ending that will shock you.”

—Cindy Smith, President
Central Virginia Horse Rescue
State of Virginia

“A sexy cowboy, murder and mayhem, and the power of love makes RELENTLESS a galloping good read. Bren Ryan’s near-manic devotion to saving horses is no exaggeration. Neither are the cloak-and-dagger mysteries that seem to follow her everywhere she goes. This entertaining and believable story of the underbelly of horse rescue will keep you breathless right to the end.”

—Jenny Edwards, Founder and Director
Hope for Horses
State of Washington

“P. J. O’Dwyer has successfully disguised an educational message about horse slaughter as a brilliant romantic thriller!”

—Jeanne Beales, Founder
Horse Haven Hollow
State of West Virginia

RELENTLESS is a stirring and intriguing story that intertwines the important issues facing our horses. It made me laugh, cry, and left me hanging on the edge of my seat more times than I can count. It has everything a book should have and more: intrigue, love, deception, mystery, unexpected twists, and an underlying truth of the horrors faced by horses.”

—Shelley Sawhook, President
American Horse Defense Fund
Washington, D.C.

“Fans of romantic suspense and horse lovers alike will be captivated by RELENTLESS. Sizzling with passion and taut with intrigue, this novel is a rollercoaster ride that propels the reader from a horse rescue farm in Clear Spring, Maryland, where a murder has occurred and danger continues to lurk, to a Mexican slaughterhouse and an encounter with a deadly drug cartel. Author P. J. O’Dwyer expertly captures the flavor of rural America as well as the ruthlessness of a Mexican border town, even as she exposes the cruel and predatory nature of the horse slaughter industry.

“Headstrong, fearless, beautiful—and widowed—Bren Ryan does not feel ready to accept the advances of a handsome, alluring stranger who has moved in next door. She has poured heart and soul into raising her two fatherless sons and into managing her horse rescue farm. But, in the midst of attempting to discover the truth behind her husband’s sudden and mysterious death, she is plunged into a shadowy maze of events that give rise to real concerns abut her own and her family’s safety.

“RELENTLESS is a must-read for those looking for an edge-of-the-seat thrill ride that pulses with romance. The novel also provides an inside view of the dark world of kill buyers and trafficking horses for profit.”

—Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director
Canadian Horse Defense Coalition

“Anyone working in the equine welfare field will tell you that their business is never concluded, that it’s 24/7 and indeed—relentless. P. J. O’Dwyer’s novel of the same name personifies the passion and dedication demanded of equine welfare workers in the character of Bren Ryan, a tough and true advocate for the horse who, like many of us, allows her work to close off other avenues of her life. Through Bren, we see the best and the worst of ourselves and our business while journeying into the heart of adventure and romance.

“The novel is a true page-turner and engages the reader with its honesty and realism; from family meals to the mean streets of Mexico, the book reflects and amplifies the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Bren Ryan and those around her are not so different from the rest of us who love and serve horses, have complicated relationships with families and friends, and strive to balance our lives to the best of our abilities—Bren just gets to have a few more adventures and a great romance with a hot cowboy.

“Put away the daily routine and pick up Bren and RELENTLESS—you deserve a little romance and adventure!”

—Marcy Emery, President and Founder
New Stride Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
British Columbia, Canada

“P. J. O’Dwyer ‘had me’ in the first couple of pages. RELENTLESS depicts the horrid truth of the slaughterhouses of our time, bringing shocking awareness to those who have no concept of their existence.

“I was left mesmerized by Bren’s audacity and incredible strength of will, cheering her on and holding my breath as she encounters and overcomes immeasurable challenges, knowing there is more ‘real life’ depicted within these pages than fiction.

“Thank you, P. J. O’Dwyer, for creating a ‘face’ for the courageous women and men working to create needed change.”

—Marilyn Chapman, President
Earth Spirit Horse Rescue
New Brunswick, Canada

“It should have been written years ago . . . After the first few pages, I was hooked! RELENTLESS draws you in and keeps you guessing. O’Dwyer will totally blindside you with its surprising twists and turns until the very end. I felt as though I was there. Taking every step with Bren, cheering her on, and holding my breath. I couldn’t put it down!”

—Judy McGrath, Founder
Maritime Horse Protection Society
Nova Scotia, Canada

“Thank you, P. J. O’Dwyer, for writing this book. You have truly captured the essence of those of us who have cried many times for those we couldn’t save. Make my job obsolete. Read RELENTLESS—feel the pain, experience the joy, and eliminate horse slaughter.”

—Raven W. Jackson, Farm Manager
Earth ARC Horse Rescue Unit
Nova Scotia, Canada

“A celebration of the human spirit and the tenacity of one woman to stand up, against all odds, to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Bren Ryan serves as testimony to the thousands of animal rescuers who dedicate their lives to creating a better world for our four-legged friends.”

—Jana Hemphill, Director
Sadie’s Place Horse Rescue
Prince Edward Island, Canada

“P. J. O’Dwyer’s decision to give a percentage of her book sale profits to fund horse rescue is a very kind act. Without generosity like this some horses in need would go without. Thank you for your support and kindness.”

—Redwings Horse Sanctuary
the UK’s largest horse sanctuary

“This brilliant book brings us to the truth about horse slaughter. I cried quite spontaneously from a deep place within me that the writing touched. Allow yourself to be touched, too. Excellent.”

—Jayne Bowles, Founder
Folleyfoot Horse and Pony Sanctuary
Staffordshire, United Kingdom

“Every horse sanctuary needs a Bren Ryan—a woman with a big heart who fights for what she believes in and will stop at nothing to ensure justice. RELENTLESS is a romantic thriller with a twist—not only in the plot, but in the way it bravely addresses controversial animal welfare issues that would otherwise remain unknown to those outside of the horse rescue world.”

—Shelley Irving, MA Writing and Trustee
Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary
Liverpool, United Kingdom

“P. J. O’Dwyer skillfully weaves the reader into Bren Ryan’s tempestuous life, her family, friends, and deadly, often surprising enemies, in a fast-moving must-read for all lovers of romantic adventure.”

—Sue Paling, President and Founder
Sathya Sai Sanctuary
Castlebaldwin, County Sligo, Ireland

RELENTLESS is a thrilling and often gut-wrenching rollercoaster ride that whisks readers into the dark side of the horse world. The sometimes racy read encompasses several genres—from equestrian novel to thriller, to mystery to romance—along the way venturing into territory rarely tackled in modern fiction. RELENTLESS is a true page-turner with many surprising twists. P. J. O’Dwyer keeps the reader guessing to the very end.”

—Robin Marshall, Editor News and Information
New Zealand

“Loved it! Just the right balance of suspense to romance with the true reality of horse slaughter as it is today. I could relate well to Bren and her passionate mission of rescuing equines destined for an awful, undignified end. Loved Bren’s strong and somewhat tempestuous personality, which is why I guess I could relate so well. The dark, handsome cowboy was a bonus and the deepening plot had a great twist that was totally unexpected. It was the first novel I have read in a while and once I started reading, it was hard to stop.

“Looking forward to seeing RELENTLESS on the shelves so other romantic horse lovers can also share the literary experience. Will definitely be recommending RELENTLESS to those wanting a great read! Great work!”

—Nicki Cherrington, President and Founder
Last Chance Equine
Rotorua, New Zealand

RELENTLESS is an enthralling romantic thriller—one can’t help but be swept along with Bren’s passion, in particular the equine welfare issues close to our hearts.

“Woven expertly into the story, P. J. O’Dwyer conveys the shocking reality of the fallout from the very darkest side of the U.S. horse slaughter trade, with a moving narrative that expertly intertwines love, family, and one woman’s unshakeable belief in justice. A great read!”

—Jane DiGuiseppe
Quest Equine Welfare, Inc.
Victoria, Australia