The third and final book in the Fallon Sisters Trilogy:

Dani Flynn has gotten herself involved in more than just an Irish pimp’s secret escort service on the docks of Rosslare Harbour in Ireland. Now she’s running for her life. And the sparkling shores of freedom aren’t enough to keep her past from catching up with her. Especially since blending in and keeping a low profile proves difficult when Mr. Law and Order, in the form of a gorgeous American sheriff, is doing his best to unearth her past.

Kevin Bendix knows a liar when he sees one. He’s trained to recognize deception as the sheriff of Washington County. Only Dani Flynn isn’t your average law breaker. She’s female and all of about five foot two with a face of an angel and a body of a sinner. He’ll get to the truth. It’s his job. But in the end, it could cost him more than his quiet way of life. It’s not only his heart she’ll steal. Loving this woman could cost them both their lives.

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