FBI Special Agent Robbie Duncan has distanced herself from her past. She has no intentions of returning to her childhood home of Smith Island until her errant father is indicted on racketeering charges. Unable to forsake her father, she consents to return with one stipulation; he turns over state’s evidence against his cronies.

While rescuing her father from himself, she’s taken by surprise when she runs into “bad-boy” Griff Nash. He swore long ago to leave the small island in the Chesapeake for the intrigue of city lights. But amazingly, he’s remained and now shares one thing in common with Robbie—he’s sworn to uphold the law as a Maryland State Trooper. Except she gets the feeling he’s running interference for her father, a suspected felon, which doesn’t make sense if he’s the “clean cop” he portrays to the small resident population.

She’s dealt with dirty cops before, but none of them ever looked or made her feel the way Griff does. Playing the invisible schoolgirl is no longer a shield against those dangerously good looks she avoided in high school. Because the boy who never gave her a second glance is making it known the man he’s grown into is very attracted to the gorgeous blue-eyed federal officer she’s become.

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